Things To Remember While Cutting Lucky Bamboo In Half

You’ll have to remember to do five things while cutting the lucky bamboo in half....

To cut the bamboo stalk at the node, you should make a circular slice above the nodes.

1. Always Cut Them Below The Nodes

Cutting the rotting stalk is a way to remove the whole plant. It could be related to overwatering or bugs/fungus problems.

2. Do Not Cut The Rotting Stalk For Propagation Purpose

 the pruning method can be a great option for such overgrown plants. But don’t get overly enthusiastic and cut all the growth from your plant.

3. Do Not Cut Too Many Stalks At A Time

Before harvesting, you need to clean the stalk of the plant. It is important because the plant can get hurt from the accumulated dust. It can also damage the root system.

4. Clean The Stalk Before Cutting

Cutting the stem of the Lucky Bamboo plant is easy with a sharp pruning tool. Using a blunt tool will damage the plant if you don’t cut it exactly right.

5. Use A Sharp Pruning Tool

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