Best 2 Way to Propagate Lucky Bamboo

You can start to grow lucky bamboo plants by simply taking a bamboo shoot and planting it in a pot.

You can also take a piece of bamboo and cut it into pieces and then plant it in a pot.

If you do this, you should use a container that has holes in the bottom. You can use a regular plastic pot or a clay pot. It is best to put the pot in the sun.

First you need to take a healthy cutting of lucky bamboo. This should be done by cutting an offshoot from the parent stalk at about four to six inches long using small sterile pruners or scissors.

Remove the bottom leaf buds of the lower half. But make sure to leave one set of leaves at the top. Also take multiple cuttings at once. This way, if one doesn’t form roots, you’ll have some backups.

If you wish, you can apply a rooting hormone to the end of your cutting. It’s not essential, as lucky bamboo will root, but it can help to make the process more efficient.

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