Best Way to Save Unhealthy Lucky Bamboo

If your lucky bamboo is yellow or looks like it’s dying, don’t panic. This feng-shui staple is hardy and should revive quickly as long as it’s not too far gone.

In fact, it’s quite simple to save your lucky bamboo and help bring it back to life from near-death conditions.

The first step to save a dying bamboo is to prune any yellowing or dead shoots.

Add a mixture of aloe vera gel, liquid fertilizer, and water into its container. Gently place the newly pruned bamboo shoot in the container.

If the leaves look yellow on your lucky bamboo, it’s essential to find out the underlying cause so you can fix it using the proper method.

Generally, bamboo can turn yellow for a few different reasons: temperature, fertilizer, water, or light.

Improper management of these four factors can cause an otherwise healthy lucky bamboo to turn yellow and inevitably start to die.

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