Fertilization Tips For Lucky Bamboo

It is rare that you'll need to use fertilizer for this plant. Lucky bamboo can go for years without fertilizer.

Lucky bamboo gets all the nutrients it needs from water since it thrives on nitrogen. This is why you want to change out the water regularly.

since most tap water contains the nutrients Lucky Bamboo needs, although fluoride and chlorine are harmful, so filtered water is the best.

Be sure you add fertilizer to the soil or water and never as a spritz. Only use water to spritz the leaves if desired.

If you desire to stimulate leaf growth, this can be accomplished by adding a little fertilizer to the water. It's best to do this during the natural cycle of the spring growing season.

If you've fertilized your plant, and it turned yellow, this indicates over-fertilizing. The best you can do at this point is change out the water and hope your plant will recover.

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