Fertilizer Overdose Effect on Lucky Bamboo?

When lucky bamboo turns brown, it frequently indicates a problem with the water supply. If your lucky bamboo grows in water, prune out the affected leaves before changing the water.

High fertilizer salts in the soil or water, like those found in chlorine or fluoride, can cause leaf tip burn.

Salts in this situation will first damage roots via reverse osmosis. Foliage that is deprived of nutrients and water eventually turns brown.

Other signs of fertilizer overdose include: 1.Fertilizer scum on the water surface 2. Fertilizer salt crust on the soil surface 3. Leaf yellowing 4. Dark, burnt roots 5. Stunted growth

they do not require much fertilizer, over-fertilizing is easy to do with lucky bamboo. Unfortunately once the stem has turned yellow, especially from the roots, that part cannot be recovered.

If your lucky bamboo was grown in water, simply replace the water and thoroughly rinse the container.

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