How Can Use A Bamboo Steamer?

Bamboo steamers consist of interlocking baskets that stack on top of each other, with a lid on top.

The entire setup is placed over a wok or pot of simmering water, and the steam rises through the open ridges at the bottom of each basket, up through the layers to cook whatever’s inside.

With a bamboo steamer, you can steam not just buns and dumplings, but also breads, vegetables, rice, proteins, and cakes and other desserts.

And as we talked about in our post about how to steam food in general, steaming is not only a great way to cook food, it’s also a great way to reheat it.

Bamboo steamers are also a wonderful invention because their lids don’t collect condensation (which would drip onto the food in the steamer basket and alter its texture, taste, or appearance).

The art of steaming has long been practiced by Chinese cooks.

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