How to Grow and Care for Lucky Bamboo Indoors?

These sculptural houseplants with eye-catching shapes, swirls, or braided stalks, can frequently be seen in office buildings, businesses, homes, and on desks for good feng shui.

Most Lucky Bamboo comes from Taiwan or China, where they’ve grown the plant for centuries, and they know how to twist and curl it properly to make the most beautiful and functional bamboo products.

Though the plant looks like bamboo and grows as fast as bamboo, it’s actually not related to it at all, and is actually more of a succulent. Be aware that this plant is not lucky for pets because it’s toxic to cats and dogs.

Lucky bamboo is a plant which can propagate itself. It’s easy to propagate at anytime and you can even propagate it for the purpose of giving an auspicious gift.

This is an easy-to-grow and very common plant that you can treat the same way you treat any other plant. Just remember not to fertilize it as often.

Lucky bamboo has its own unique problems to watch out for as it grows, but they are mostly associated with the water that’s used to keep the plants healthy.

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