How to Grow Black Bamboo From Seed?

Black Bamboo plants can be grown directly from seed if given the right care and environmental surroundings.

Organic compost is an excellent fertilizer to which bamboo plants respond well; this makes it a natural choice as a compound in which to sow your seeds and allows for healthy, quick germination.

Place the compost in peat pots and moisten it with water. Before you sow the seeds, soak them in tepid water for 24 hours.

While your seeds are soaking, cover the pots you plan to use with a plastic bag or another type of transparent or translucent covering to create a sort of mini greenhouse to keep the soil warm.

Once the seeds are ready to be sown, place them on the moist soil and cover with a fine layer of compost.

Replace the plastic covering over the pot and find a spot with medium shade for your seeds. Never place the pot in direct sunlight.

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