How to Grow Golden Bamboo

Golden bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea) is a perennial "running bamboo" that is also sometimes referred to as fish-pole bamboo.

Fast-growing, and able to reach over 20 feet in height, it's a popular choice for providing dramatic ornamental interest or creating a living privacy screen or noise barrier.

It's best planted in the spring or fall and is easy to grow, often establishing itself in as few as two years.

Native to China, the woody and hollow stems of golden bamboo feature lush, lance-shaped green foliage,

while the lower cane has a striking yellow-green tortoiseshell pattern and distinct compressed internodes (the stem section between two joints).

As with most bamboo species, golden bamboo rarely flowers, and seed production is exceptionally unusual.

In fact, you may wait up to a decade or more to have a season where the bamboo displays any blooms at all.

Running bamboo spreads rapidly through tuberous rhizomes and, consequently, this species is considered invasive in warmer regions of the United States.

Once established, golden bamboo can be difficult to remove—if you don't want it to get out of control, it's best to grow it in containers or take steps toward preventing its spread.

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