How to Grow Lewis Bamboo?

Lewis Bamboo is one of the easiest bamboos to grow in the home garden. This bamboowill spread rapidly and even if pruned back, it will not be noticeably weaker.

Lewis Bamboo is easy to grow, quick to establish, and can be trained into a variety of shapes.

It’s a great plant for climbers, shade, or sun, but it can also be grown as a ground cover or even in water.

There are many species of Lewis bamboo plants, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and colours. Some are extremely hardy, some are more tender, and some are extremely slow growing.

Each year’s growth emerges and grows to it complete height within 60-90 days. As they grow larger, they spread, filling in and providing a screen.

Lewis Bamboo is a very attractive ornamental grass that grows in a variety of hues and shades, so it can easily be blended with other plants in your garden.

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