How to propagate black bamboo?

Black bamboo has green stems that gradually turn black as they mature, creating a striking contrast with the green foliage.

Once you have an stand of black bamboo, you can propagate it easily by digging up and dividing the clump into sections.

Black bamboo grows best in moist soil with good drainage in full sun or part shade.

Cut off the top two-thirds of the stalks, called culms, before dividing and transplanting black bamboo.

Dig out the whole clump if you want to move it to a new area. If you just want to divide and transplant a section of the plant, just dig out the part you want to move.

Cut the clump into sections using a sharp sharp saw to cut through the tough roots. Create small divisions containing three or four stalks, or larger divisions by cutting the clump in half or into quarters.........

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