How to remove a running bamboo?

Landscaping challenge is managing bamboo to your style. Fortunately, you can stop new plant growth from depleting your garden using the right tools and techniques.

When new shoots of bamboo plant start to develop and spread throughout your lawn. It’s necessary to remove bamboo shoots  before new growth starts to overtake your yard.

Bamboo spreads and grows fast at a rate of one meter per day. Therefore, bamboo can easily takeover your garden or even your neighbors’ yards as well.

As bamboo can be grown in unwanted regions and  hinders the growth of surrounding flora as well. It may  threatens biodiversity.

After spreading bamboo, it’s the most challenging and time consuming to remove bamboo.

Through, It may  take years also to remove all the underground rhizomes completely. Thus, early bamboo removal is important for preventing overgrowth in your yard!

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