How to revive bamboo in pots?

Bamboos range from the giant bamboo, which grows to over 100 feet in height and is common in the forests of Asia, to much smaller species, which stay between 1 to 2 feet high and are popular as indoor houseplants.

While bamboo is a hardy plant that grows quickly and generally requires little maintenance.

bamboo plants are sometimes susceptible to insect damage and other adverse conditions and must be treated with care in order to revive.

Whether grown indoors or outdoors, bamboo needs moist conditions to survive; insufficient water is the top cause of poor health in new bamboo plants.

Check that your bamboo plant is getting enough sunlight. Most bamboo, especially large varieties, grows best when exposed to full sun.

Test your soil using a test kit purchased from a nursery or garden supply store. Bamboo plants prefer slightly acidic soil (with a pH of around 6.0).

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