How to Twist Lucky Bamboo?

Some of the most alluring parts of lucky bamboo are the cool designs that you can create by twisting different stalks together.

The key to training lucky bamboo is using light. By manipulating the light source you can create a fun spiral or other design.

Spirals are one of the most popular lucky bamboo manipulations. Follow the steps below to learn how to create spiral bamboo plants...

1. Cut one side out of a cardboard box. 2. Place your plant inside the box. 3. Set the box so its open side faces a light source (not the top).

4. Care for your plant as normal until the plant starts leaning towards the light. 5. Slightly rotate the plant, and it will continue to grow towards the light.

6. Keep rotating the plant as it leans slightly — if you spin it in the same direction it will eventually become a spiral. 7. Prune your plant’s leaves as it spirals so it doesn’t become too top-heavy.

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