Is Lucky Bamboo Really Bamboo?

Lucky bamboo is a popular indoor plant. People love it because it is both beautiful and easy to care for. You may see it popping up all over the place because it is so popular.

Lucky bamboo became famous because of the decorating style of feng shui. Feng shui describes lucky bamboo as bringing positive energy to its surroundings.

With the name lucky bamboo, you would think that it implies that it is indeed bamboo. But the popular houseplant that’s most commonly known as lucky bamboo is not bamboo.

There are over 1000 species of true bamboo from small dwarfs to tall bamboos, but lucky bamboo is not one of them!

The botanical name is Dracaena sanderiana. The plant is named after a renowned gardener, Henry Frederick Conrad Sander. It is more similar to a lily than to bamboo because of how it can live in water.

Lucky bamboo is often also called Ribbon Plant because it has long thin foliage.

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