Should Lucky Bamboo be Tied Together?

The Lucky Bamboo plant stalks are usually 4″- 24″in height. If you purchase multiple Lucky Bamboo plant stems that are tied together, do not remove the ties, this stabilizes the plant.

Lucky Bamboo plants require very little care and grow practically anywhere as long as you keep the water clean and chemical free.

Some people believe lucky bamboos should be tied together because this will safeguard them against bad winds and storms.

On the other hand, it is thought that tying bamboo together can help transmit diseases by way of spores that cannot be seen on the outside of the plant.

Science has been hard at work for many years trying to understand how bamboo plants actually grow, and there is scant evidence to support any particular reason why this tradition started in the first place.

It's possible that some cultures might have started this tradition for a specific practical purpose, but others see it as just superstition with no basis in reality.

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