Fertilizer to Use for Lucky Bamboo in Water

Caring for lucky bamboo sometimes feels as though you're neglecting the plant when compared to other houseplants.

Lucky bamboo gets all the nutrients it needs from water since it thrives on nitrogen. This is why you want to change out the water regularly.

since most tap water contains the nutrients Lucky Bamboo needs, although fluoride and chlorine are harmful, so filtered water is the best. Nitrogen is the main nutrient followed by magnesium and iron.

There are some instances when you may need to fertilize your lucky bamboo. Each one is easy to remedy with the right fertilizer and more importantly, the right amount of fertilizer.

Be sure you add fertilizer to the soil or water and never as a spritz. Only use water to spritz the leaves if desired.

Fertilize your lucky bamboo every couple of months. You can use a little dirty aquarium water or a diluted water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. The best time to fertilize is when you change the water.

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