What is the Best Fertilizer for Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky bamboos have become an indoor staple addition in homes and offices. Are you wondering what to get for your friend as a birthday gift? Get them a lucky bamboo.

The best fertilizer that you can give your lucky bamboo is organic manure or compost. If your lucky bamboo grows in a water medium, make sure to provide them water-soluble liquid fertilizers.

NPK fertilizers are trending in present days for all good reasons. From gardeners to farmers, all promise by this particular mix of beneficial minerals.

Go to a plant store, and you might be dazzled by the numbers on the packaging of fertilizers. You will come across denotations such as 2-2-2, 8-12-6, 4-8-16, and so on.

These are the NPK value, their concentration in a particular bottle of fertilizers. But again, what is NPK?

NPK is simply the short form for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, the three most influential macronutrients for plants.

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