It acquired the nickname water bamboo because it will grow for a long time in a small amount of water. True bamboo will quickly die in standing water.

Water bamboo needs bright indoor light and temperatures that are consistently above 50°F (10°C).

Growing Water Bamboo

Glass and glazed ceramic are the most common containers for water bamboo. It can be grown in a vase or a flatter container that is heavy enough to prevent it tipping over.

Containers for Water Bamboo

Water bamboo is very sensitive to chemicals. Rainwater is the ideal choice for this plant. However, filtered or distilled water will also work well.

Water Quality

Water from a well or spring might not have purifying chemicals like municipal water, but it may be hard water, with naturally dissolved minerals like calcium and lime.

Hard Water

Algae can be a problem with water bamboo plants. This green growth commonly occurs if you over-fertilize or because of the high light conditions required for water bamboo

Algae Problems

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