why black spots on lucky bamboo occurs?

Lucky bamboo is a common type of houseplant that requires little care to keep it looking healthy.

Lucky bamboo can also develop black mold spots on it. Care for the plant properly to make sure it doesn’t turn yellow or develop black spots.

The lucky bamboo plant can turn yellow if it gets too much direct sunlight. Lucky bamboo naturally grows in shaded areas.

Adding too much fertilizer to your lucky bamboo plant will cause the leaves to turn brown and yellow.

Using too much water on the plant will cause it to form black spots on the leaves and on the stalks. Prevent this by watering the plant less; make sure the water doesn’t pool on the soil.

In some areas, fluoride is added to the water. This fluoride can build up in the plant's soil or water. It will then build up in the plant itself and cause the black spots on bamboo.

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