Decorating your house is a tough job, and tougher when you try to make some changes in your house and you have to search for a sustainable material for your fencing, so let me tell you a very sustainable, strong, eco-friendly and even money friendly. yes, you are right, we are talking about bamboo. Bamboo is a type of grass but much faster to grow, flexible, and super strong.


As the bamboos are eco-friendly, and the UV-resistant color quality of bamboo wouldn’t let the soon fade out sight and mind.  The two most protective qualities of bamboos are toughness and flexibility, which makes them best and stands up to protective fence and barrier.


Rolled bamboo with soiled fitted timber can add extra reinforcement, while if you seek privacy over protection, you have to place the individual pole ideally with ideal spacing. Bamboo will add fresh, all-natural, attractive vibe and sustainable elements into your space.

Some best fence material

  • wood
  • chain link
  • aluminum
  • vinyl
  • steel
  • wrought iron
  • bamboo

How much a bamboo can hold up;

The bamboo is so durable and long-lasting. At least more than wood, the wood fences add to deforestation, but the bamboo grows rapidly. And although there is a plus point too, if you are looking for a natural esthetic look then the bamboo fencing is best for you because it gives a very attractive and exotic aesthetic look with a natural finish that can be stained in many colors. Do you do as the time goes the bamboo fenced turn silverish shine that adds more beauty in your fenced environment, bamboo is very durable and even need very low maintenance the bamboos can be your best choice for your home.

How to install a bamboo fence;

Before getting ideas for a fence, let’s just go through something important for your home garden, or property. Like

Cutting bamboos:

 if you are buying the fence from any site then maybe you don’t have to do all these steps, but if you are not then you have to cut off the panels to fit and then wire two poles and then bend the wire back. Sometimes bamboo’s just got spilite in two parts so just to prevent this to happen use a hand saw or table saw.

Connecting bamboos:

after cutting the fence, you have to connect the bamboo with the zip ties. First, you have to drill them, after drilling them you may join them with screws and nuts, we can connect the bamboo with the rope or string.

Keeping the bamboo strong:

as we know bamboos are very strong and water-resistant, but still, they can be affected by weather and other environmental conditions. Do not plant the fence in the soil, it can cause decaying.

If the top of bamboo is open then it may collect rainwater in it, which can cause so many problems to prevent this you have to make cuts on nodes.

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Best bamboo fence ideas

  1. Vertical bamboo fencing with wood frame: if you are seeking an easy to make free with much privacy then it’s the best choice for you. for this make a wooden frame and then fill it with premade bamboo fencing in it.
  • Horizontal pole with vertical bamboo fencing: the vertical bamboo fencing is thicker and make by horizontal bamboo pipe, still there are so many ways to connect pieces of bamboo.
  •  Short bamboo fences atop a rock wall:  there are so many ways to install bamboo Fencing, if you have a rock wall or concrete wall in your garden then this is for you. In that case, you don’t need to build it very tall. Just make sure it’s taller than the concrete wall.
  • One bamboo privacy panel: this is best when you want more space in your balcony and make it more open, building with one or two bamboo panels is a wonderful idea if you want some coverage. Or just want to accent your backyard fences.
  • Spaced out bamboo in a frame: building a simple wooden frame is the easiest way to do detailing in your garden, it is built by two fences post and two fences horizontally, and you can color them as by your preference.  To make space out the bamboo frame you have to drill a hole in the bamboo, the hole should be the same size as the bamboo’s diameter, after drilling the bamboo, slide the other bamboo and do the same with the other, until you would get a proper satisfying frame, and then secure the excess place with the glue.
  • Low Asian design fence: if you are looking for something unique, and you wanna add some Asian inspiration to your garden path, then you must try this fencing idea, for this, you have to cut some various bamboo poles with different lengths and sizes, and connect them in an irregular geometric pattern.  If you are just making it just for decorative purposes, not for privacy, you can let it short.
  • Woven bamboo fence:  in this, the vertical bamboo pole is connected with horizontal poles on the alternative side. And with the help of screws and twine, it can be stronger and much more pliable. You may also create a decorative effect with screws and twines. In the end, it looks the same on each side, maintains a beautiful ambiance in your garden, and gives a tropical look.
  • Living room divider:  when you have a large room, space, or family room then sectioning the space is essentially important, besides this if you try, you may give a classical touch to your place. For this, you need around 8-foot-tall bamboos, so it looks like a wall, with these bamboos, makes fencing after this make a wooden frame and then merge both. This is how you get along the wooden-bamboo panel.
  • Changing privacy screen:  a changing privacy screen is some fashionable idea that makes your bathroom classically pleasing, for this you need some wooden frame and 6-foot-tall bamboos, marge them. This is how you get three or four sections, merge them through hinges, and then have your changing privacy screen.

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