Black Bamboo in a Container

Especially Black Bamboos look very beautiful and gives aesthetic look in pots and containers. They are great for adding structure and movement to your planter displays.

Black Bamboo in a Container

The combination of shapes, textures and colours that can be combined with bamboo is limitless , because of the container acts as a barrier but  you don’t need to worry about that by taking over your garden.


Container growing can also allows your bamboo to be moved around to optimise the light conditions and pop out the view can start like struggle. Black Bamboos are tall and narrow this makes  them ideal for balconies and patios where space is at a premium.

Although, they will require a little more care and attention than their counterparts that grown in the border of the plant container.

Black bamboo can be easily  grown in any  containers of your choice, which is a perfect for those who want to plant with in smaller yards or who want to keep it inside. While choosing a container, try to find out the one which is short, wide, and bottom-heavy. 

By adding rocks to the bottom of the container, it can help plant to be stand properly with it’s root. As black bamboo growth is so tall, a lighter, taller pot can easily get bent over.

Choosing a good container for planting Black Bamboo

Choose a strong and sturdy container that will act as an impenetrable barrier for the bamboos roots. The roots of running bamboos can break almost anything so a metal or a robust wooden planter or container is really the only option for running varieties in a very good way. Plastic pots are definitely out of the question, so be sure about it.

A container that can drains the excess water well is also essential. If you not have drained containers then you can drill drainage holes into the base. If you want to position your container on top of pot feet, then make ensure that  the bottom of the roots don’t lie wet and try to put glazed clay over terracotta pots if possible.

It is also important to avoid unstable and top heavy containers which are liable to topple over. This is particularly important if you are opting for a taller growing variety that may catch the wind thus, choose something which is relatively low and stable like, low rectangular tubs are a great choice. 

Choosing Pots with a neck narrower than the body are not suitable because this will prevent you from removing the pot bound root ball without breaking the pot especially when your plant needs to be lifted or divided in a few years of time.

If you are suppose for growing a variety which is not fully hard try to pick a container with a bit of insulation for the root system, something with good and thick wooden sides.

Planting Black Bamboo Black Bamboo in a Container

1) Start it by putting 2-3 inches of rocks or gravel at the base of your container to improve drainage and make bottom more heavy to prevent your plant from blowing wind over. Then start filling your container with some the potting compost like, cow dung or nay other manure.

2) We recommend to use either a 50/50 mix of multi-purpose peat-free potting compost, soil improver or multi-purpose compost. With plenty of slow release fertiliser granules and water for retaining gel built within the plant. This will help to give your black bamboo plant some extra nutrients as they need to succeed in improving water retention.

3) Take out your bamboo plant from the pot and inspect the roots.  Generally, Black Bamboo  has a dense root system that should be loosened before planting, thus get your thumb into the base to tease the roots out and help to stimulate fresh root growth once planted.

4) Give the rootball a good soaking before planting for 20 minutes so the water seeps right into the centre of the rootball.

5) Put your plant into the container and set it to the depth so that 2-3cm (1 inch) of soil will cover the original surface. Again,  Backfill with the rest of your potting mixture and firm down to eliminate air pockets.

6) give a Mulch within 2 inch (5cm) layer of bark around the base to avoid water retention to the plant container.

Watering and Feeding

Black Bamboo plants can be  grown in containers and should be watered regularly as the restricted root space can dry out more quickly.

Water every day in the height of the summer to reduce the frequency in the autumn. Apply a balanced liquid feed to the plant once a month over the summer.

Don’t be surprised if your container grown plants  shorter with narrower canes that’s because of the same varieties in the border. The size of the canes is supported by the size of the rootball because the growing area of the roots is limited in a container, thus the growth potential of the canes is also limited.

Frost Protection Black Bamboo in a Container

Any variety of bamboo will be less hardy when grown in a container. It would be in the border due to the stress of the constrained growing environment. Black bamboo in container also does not have the insulating effect of the soil surrounding to the roots during the winter, and  making it more naturally exposed.

Give proper Protection to your canes and roots from frost and ice in winter by wrapping it in a few layers of horticultural fleece, bubble wrap or burlap loosely around the container and canes when frost is forecast. Alternatively, you can also bring your plants indoors until the risk of frost has been passed.


As with any plant, black bamboos grown well  in containers eventually it become pot bound and need to be lifted, divided and repotted. You’ll need to do repotting in  every 2 to 5 years in spring, before the main growing season. If you lift and divide your black bamboo in the summer then, you are at risk of killing your plants so, you have to wait until the autumn.
If you notice that  the leaves are 

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