Variegated Bamboo

This plant is an excellent choice for planting where moisture needs are moderate and the soil gets little or no rain. This plant tolerates a wide range of growing conditions but does best in full sun. It is a popular houseplant and makes a good addition to the garden as well as the yard.

Variegated Bamboo

There are Mainly to types of Variegated Bamboo

  • Yellow variegated lucky Bamboo
  • Rare variegated lucky bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties

1. White Stripe Victory

This variety features adorable light green leaves with white stripes. It will thrive happily in shaded locations without any special care.

2. White Stripe Gold

The white stripe gold plant is one of the most popular plants for beginners because it looks so similar to the more popular variety – White Stripe Victory. The only difference is it shows yellow leaves with a white stripe running down the middle.

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3. Green

Lucky bamboo is a common houseplant and symbolizes truth. It grows quickly and does not require much water. When placed in glass jars with white pebbles, it is easy to see the plants for their many benefits.

Lucky Bamboo Plants Styles

1. Straight Lucky Bamboo

Straight lucky bamboo is a common houseplant that grows well in a large pot. It’s a low-maintenance plant and grows very quickly.

2. 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo is a species of Dracaena sanderiana, also known as the Christmas Tree Fern or Chinese Dracaena.

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3. 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo grows in China and Japan, and it is a member of the bamboos group.

4. 8 Layer Lucky Bamboo

8 layer lucky bamboo. I like the look of the red and black, as well as the texture of the Lucky Bamboo

5. Lotus Lucky Bamboo

It has a single stalk with leaves at the end and represents purity in Feng Shui. The plant looks great in tall vases.

6. Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Spiral Lucky Bamboo is an interesting looking plant that’s not often seen in homes. It has a very interesting growing pattern that will catch people’s attention when they see it.

7. Feng Shui Wheel

This one has a distinctive shape, made from tightly spaced stems. It has a cylindrical shape, growing in a spiral pattern.

8. Pyramid Big 5

8. Pyramid Big 5 Pyramid big five is made of five stems that grow in a slanting pattern. They give the plant a pyramid look.

9. Pyramid Big 8

A pyramid shape can make a big impact in a small space. Bamboo grows well in containers and will last for decades.

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10. Braided Lucky Bamboo

You will receive 5-6 stems of braided lucky bamboos. They will look stunning with their foliage!

11. Trellis Lucky Bamboo

The multiple-stalk bamboo plant is an ideal bamboo for use in a hanging planter.

12. Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants are known for their amazing green color. In addition to being a beautiful addition to your garden, they make ideal house plants. They are easy to care for and they grow quickly and multiply. They do require some training to achieve the best shape.

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