Why is My Lucky Bamboo in Water Turning Yellow?

One of the things that you might notice happening to your lucky bamboo is it might start to change colors, turning from a light green to a yellow shade.

Unfortunately, most people notice this issue when it’s too late, and the plant eventually succumbs to its problems and dies altogether.

There are two key things you need to know first of all; the yellowing might occur on the stems or the stalks, and the plant may need urgent attention when that happens.

There can be four reasons why the stalks or the stems of the lucky bamboo might start to turn yellow. These include water, the lighting conditions, the fertilizer, and the temperature.

More importantly, you should know that a yellow stem indicates a much more serious situation than a yellow leaf.

The easiest cause that you might be able to identify would be that the stem wasn’t properly submerged in the water due to the level of water being considerably low.

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