How to fix your lucky bamboo when it turns yellow


Although, Lucky Bamboo is the lucky plan for you but also as you know everything has a pros and cons for every thing in the universe.

turns yellow

Then why not about this lucky plant also have one problem the turning yellow color this is further explained below


1. One of the problematic situation in these lucky bamboos are that they converts in a yellow color bamboo and also these leaves can turn yellow due to low soil, water and nutrients, also by dirty soil or over watering, due to lack of water, or due to stressful growing of lucky bamboo in careless situations.

2. If you want your lucky bamboo to be green and fresh forever you can help form the yellow bamboo leaves, regularly check the soil of the lucky bamboo.

3. Your Bamboo needs a good drainage system. Your lucky Bamboo likes a lot of water as it is a watery plant and also it is also not a drought without water this is not a tolerant plant.

4. Please Check Your Water in the lucky bamboo, you must Avoid it by the chlorinated Water.

5. By maintaining a consistency in the temperature.

6. You must clean Your lucky Bamboo Bowls regularly.

7. You must not Overwatering the lucky bamboo in excess and care regularly.

8. You must Fertilize your lucky bamboo Periodically so that your plant does not turns yellow.

9. Be ready for the pruning of the Lucky Bamboo.

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Factors that are affecting your Lucky Bamboo plant

• Firstly, the Overwatering of the lucky plants is the primary and the first reason for getting the yellowing of lucky bamboo plant.

• Additionally in the lucky bamboo, this Lucky Bamboo turns yellow due to a lack of water, sunlight, valuable nutrients, and little humidity around it.

• The Incorrect temperature which does not suits the bamboo areas, the low quality of nutrients, and poor undistilled water condition where bamboo is placed and also endangered to bamboo health.

• The lucky bamboo plant can also turns yellow due to physical injuries done by the little insects that causes infestation, and lack of nutrient deficiency.

• Turns Yellowing of plant, like most of the plants, this lucky plants indicates that something is going wrong with the Lucky Bamboo plant something is not good when it turns yellow.

• It is their way of showing us that they are dealing with some problems and issues that they are facing.

• When they gets Compromised with their requirements, with the environmental issues, some chemical damages, acting of insect that causes infestation inside the plant, and the disease caused in the plant these are the examples of lucky bamboo turning yellow.

• They will only recover even if you are addressing the issues properly and carefully.

Solutions For turning your plant from yellow to green

• You must Place your Lucky Bamboo in the warm spot where these plants must get with sufficient indirect light.

• Here are Some of the examples that these are kept in the shady corners and at the top of the table that must be next to a bright window which do not spread sunlight.

• You must Trim off the yellow leaves or burn those leaves.

• By this way you will prevent your lucky bamboo from the unnecessary supply of the essential water, sunlight, nutrients to these hopeless yellow leaves.

• And then also diverts them into to the growing of these lucky bamboo ones, instead.

• Also, if you are growing your Lucky Bamboo in fresh water, you must also add some of the liquid fertilizers.

• The Water must not alone cannot supply all the essential and healthy nutrients form a long time there must be equal nutrients.

• There must be a complex amount of minerals ane fertilizers that can add some supplements into the plants nutrients, but also helps in maintaining a proper balance between the lucky bamboo and on your own is difficult to protect.

Some More factors

• When you notice the white crust on the top of the soil and at the corner of the pot, make sure then you must change the soil inside and pot it with a new one.

• Also you can reduces the over fertilizing that is effect by washing off the soil on the regular basis and also with a lot of distilled water putted in the water.

• You must pour water in the soil on the daily basis and let it drained out through the bottom of the pot, now in this way the water in your lucky bamboo will be washed away from the excess of fertilizers and salts.

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Can your lucky bamboo turns Yellow Lucky Bamboo Green Again?

• You must be in luck if your Lucky Bamboo only has a very efficient nutrient deficiency inside it.

• Also if they can make up for that loss they survive, then they may be able to reclaim all their true colours that they have naturally.

• The Lucky Bamboo plant in some parts where it is yellow, those parts will never turns green again.

• But you must don’t give up on these plants, by removing the yellow leaves from the lucky bamboo will allow them for their new growth.

Some more Causes of Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow

• Coming of the Direct Sunlight on the lucky bamboo Can also Causes the Lucky Bamboo Turning Yellow.

• The leaf shrinking and yellowing is a sign of that the light is soo strong that a lucky bamboo cannot bear.

• The lucky plant needs to be shaded and relocated to a more dim or light area.

• The lucky Bamboo can not always handle direct sunlight very seriously that may affect it.

• Some of the few things that can cause the lucky bamboo to turn yellow are — Do not put it
into Too much light or too much fertilizers.

• The exposure of the fluoride can also causes the lucky bamboo leaf dis-coloration that may
also start to out look turns yellow but it is eventually turns brown day by day.

• When the lucky bamboo plants turns yellow starting from the top to bottom, it is a very strong
indication about the exposure of containing too much of fertilizers.

• In this case it is like this, you must have your best course of action in caring a lucky bamboo
it is also to change the water regularly and rinse the container on the daily basis.

• You must also Refill it with the distilled water and also stay confirm to do not add on fertilizers.

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