Where should we keep lucky bamboo at home ?


Bamboo plants are considered very lucky according to Vastu Shastra. It is believed that bamboo plants brings luck, wealth and fortune. Lucky Bamboo symbolises a wish of living a wealthy life. Bamboo plant is easy to grow even without sunlight.


The pipe type structure of his stems shows the wealth and living a calm and peaceful life. For success and prosperity, you can have a bamboo plant which is positioned in right direction.


Can lucky bamboo be kept in bedroom ?

Bedrooms are the perfect place to keep lucky bamboo plant. As Lucky bamboo symbolises growth, beginnings ,family harmony and attract positive vibes. While bamboo is known to create balance and safety in life. For relationship based, you need to have a two stalk bamboo of equal size i.e. symbolises you and your partner. Having this in your bedroom will support harmonious relationship and you’ll grow together.

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Three or nine stalks bamboo known to attract more prosperity hence, placed in bedroom. Ten stems bamboo plant use to bring good prosperity, health and wealth in your house. Small sized bamboo use as a friendship plants banded two stems with red ribbon and placed in water with some stones or pebbles by this it looks more aesthetically pleasant .

You can find more in gift shops or nursery as well. Lucky bamboo can be grown in a shallow dish or a glass bowl, and looks aesthetically pleasant thus can be kept in bedrooms. You c an even buy a lucky bamboo plant for yourself as well and still it will give same luck, wealth and prosperity.

While bamboo does not need much water to service, you can plant or keep in bedroom easily.
Bamboo plant will bring a warm feel to your house or bedroom and it’s easy to care when the soil is moist and grows in indirect sunlight.

Lucky bamboo direction

For wealth and abundance, lucky bamboo is very supportive. Place your lucky bamboo in the wealthy corner like the entrance of your room or house or left corner and see the continuous growth of your finance and expansion of wealth.

The ideal location to place a lucky bamboo plant is in the east corner of your house according to Vastu Shastra. The South-east direction is a favorable one to be kept in your bedroom or house.

Lucky bamboo attract good health for your family when placed in East direction and attract wealth and money when placed in South-East direction. To bring more happiness, wealth, health and prosperity, just place lucky bamboo plant in the right direction.

If you want to attract wealth, fortune and get rid of financial hassle, plant a lucky bamboo in the east direction in your house .

The eastern or South-east direction represents family so, it is the best direction to plant a lucky bamboo.

Lucky bamboo in office

Lucky bamboo brings desired charm thus, you can plant a lucky bamboo in offices as well. And placing a lucky bamboo plant in South-East or East direction attracts money, wealth and also help in achieving prosperity.

Placing lucky bamboo in offices can bring luck and removes negative energy.  Bamboo plants brings good fortune, wealth and positive energy when you keep it in office. Lucky bamboo plant can survive in decades if direct sunlight and water are provided simultaneously.

Lucky Bamboo plants are usually very tolerant to outside environment thus healthy looking plant can bring positive energy and growth to your office as well .

Benefits to have a lucky bamboo plant

Bamboo plant is originated in South East Asia and one of the easiest plant to care. It looks like a water Lily plant but widely preferred by people due to it’s benefits. It can be used as a natural air purifier, as bamboo helps to keep environment clean.

Everywhere in the world, lucky bamboo plant is the most popular indoor plant  due to it’s tolerance in low light and can be grown easily in water as well. Minimum care needs as Lucky bamboo plants are easy to maintain that can be grown without soil. It is famous to bring good luck and prosperity and can easily survive in indoors without sunlight and ability to make best gift for beginners.

A bamboo plant can live up to hundreds year but the average life expectancy is up to fifteen years depending on the variety of species but in general seven to ten years is more common. Because of absence of sunlight, starter or smaller plants may die off a little faster as the grove matures. The significant benefits of Lucky bamboo plant is having nutritional value.

Bamboo plants are rich in amino acids, magnesium, fiber, phosphorus and other nutrients. Bamboo plant is rich in anti inflammatory properties.  For decorative purposes, lucky bamboo plants can be used in furniture’s .  Long and waste bamboo stems are used in construction of house, roofs, pillars, flooring etc.

Care tips for Lucky bamboo

Before you go to buy lucky bamboo plant or online purchasing , keep some care tips that you need to know. First thing is to change the water of your Lucky bamboo plant at least twice a week . This will give aeration of oxygen in roots that was blocked by old water. Second thing, keep cutting the yellow leaves or stems to avoid infection in the entire plant.

Do not let your plant to dry out even in any circumstances. Keep the roots covered with water all the time just only roots are emerged. Don’t add too much water or float in stems, keep it into roots only. Don’t provide too much fertilizer otherwise it’ll turn yellow or algae cane bee formed. Don’t give too much sunlight to your bamboo plant as it’ll catch some bacteria and die soon . Don’t give direct sunlight to your plant.

You can keep a fertilizer just once in a month to keep the pests away. Just these two things you have to keep in mind and your plant will grow more happily and healthier. Lucky bamboo plant have capacity to tolerance low light shade and indirect sunlight. If you place your bamboo plant exposed to light, it’ll grow larger.

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