When it is noticed that the lucky bamboo have intricate stems and also with notable resiliency, the lucky bamboo also makes a very perfect indoor plant.


Whether you are a new beginner of a green thumb keeping a lucky bamboo for the first time or you are an experienced talented gardener that is looking up to spruce up inside your and makes it beautiful, or a lucky bamboo plant is a very viable and good option for the gardeners of all starting levels.


Lucky Bamboo in Pot Plant and Care Tips

CONDITIONS To keep your lucky bamboo plant thriving as long as it is possible, also check out these points of lucky bamboo plant and the care tips:

You must Clean the inside of the growing container.

You must Clean the container in every few months or weeks and also provides the fresh water once in a week to prevent it from algae in from forming.

You must Give your lucky bamboo plant a plenty of light.

You must Filter your water and also use distilled water.

You must also Choose the right shape of container in growing of the lucky bamboo

You must Have proper drainage system in the lucky bamboo pots. For growing the lucky bamboo in pots you must use the right container.

For good growth you must put the lucky bamboo plant in the tall glass cylindrical vase or you can use a ceramic container, no use of shallow bowls, or do not leave it in the container if it comes in.


You must use a clear transparent container which is great in quality and if you just want your lucky bamboo to grow in the plant hydroponically you can also add on that container inside with some decorative stones. You can use a regular quality of terra cotta pot if you want to grow your lucky bamboo plant in the soil.

For the lucky bamboo plant the pot must be some wider than it is deep in nature. Because the lucky bamboo plant can grow very tall, it is very easier for the wind to pass into it and tip it over in the pot the bamboo grows in a taller height or in a light pot.

By Putting the gravels or rocks inside the pot or at the bottom of a pot it also makes it bottom very heavy to pick up and will be less likely to be blown over.

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Choose pots and containers for Lucky Bamboo plant?

The best and the proper growing conditions for a lucky bamboo plant in the pots and containers is to keep your lucky bamboo plant warm and inside indoors, it is preferably kept in a well litted room that may also provides positivity.

While it is also possible to keep your plant lucky bamboo inside the soil outside, in the cold temperatures or in the harsh sunlight that can also harm the lucky bamboo plant.

How to Grow your Lucky Bamboo in pots

• You can Grow your lucky bamboo plant in pots with using in edible soil or in distilled water.

• To grow your lucky bamboo in pots you must keep it in water, use a layered proportion of pebbles to also stabilize the stems of the lucky bamboo plant and that can hold it in place it is keep inside the pots.

• You must Add enough amount of water in the lucky bamboo inside the pots to keep the roots covered from water and sunlight.

• You must use Distilled or a filtered water which is very best and suitable for the lucky bamboo keep in pots, also especially if you having a fluoride or some chlorine inside your tap water.

• Then These chemicals can also causes the green color tips of the leaves of lucky bamboo plants to burn and also turns the lucky bamboo brown.

• A clearance of the inside of the lucky bamboo which are kept in pots and container that makes it very easy to see the roots and also helps in to check the water level from outside, but also it can also causes the algae to grow inside, so that you may also want to use a coloured pot or container so that it may not show outside.

Watering indoor Lucky bamboo in pot

How often or times should you water your potted lucky bamboo which you are growing in pots?

You must Replenish your lucky bamboo plant with the fresh water in every seven to 10 days daily
to keep it happy that are seen with the stems and colour and healthy.

The green Algae that can also forms in the water, you must try to clean out from inside the container and also changes the water regularly ( from about once in a week). The Tap water is not very okay for the lucky bamboo plant to drink or consume, as long as the chlorine levels are very low.

When your are Growing the lucky bamboo in the pots is also possible for both of the varieties of lucky bamboo plants, though there may also will be a difference in that how quickly and fast you may have to repot those lucky bamboo plants.

The lucky Bamboo grows tall and a lot as much they can, also an even the little clumping kind of lucky bamboo, and also leaving it in the same pot for much too long and will also make it become weak root bound and weak, and also it is eventually killing it from inside.

Decoration idea of lucky bamboo at home

When you are Placing a lucky bamboo plant on the top of the table of your living room you are
further to attract the positive energy as well as the giving the entire room a new and simple but
also a special look.

It is also a good decision to place the plant in the direction of east or at the south of the corner for getting the best results. This is a kind of decoration inside your room that can attract others and many home buyers of lucky bamboo plant.

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