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Lucky Bamboo Stalks
Lucky Bamboo Stalks

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Introduction on Lucky Bamboo Stalks

• The lucky Bamboo plants also known as lucky plants are considered very lucky and very
auspicious, according to Hinduism


• The lucky Bamboo plants also known as lucky plants are considered very lucky and very
auspicious, according to Hinduism

• The lucky bamboo stalks gets too tall and high, you can also cut them off and also starts
to grow a new lucky bamboo plant by rooting the lucky bamboo stalks in deep water.

• You must also Keep the lucky bamboo stalks in the shady area until the new roots starts
to form

• You must plant them in good quality soil or pebbles.

• While doing these things Tie a gold ribbon or a red ribbon around the stalks so that this
may hold the lucky bamboo stalks together and also to symbolize it for good fortune.
The Lucky Meaning of keeping the Lucky Bamboo stalk

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Lucky Bamboo Stalk

The Lucky Meaning of keeping the Bamboo stalk by Numbers:-

  • 1 Bamboo Stalk is for to prevail the truth:-

On keeping one stalk of Lucky bamboo in your place and also with one stalk this represents the truth or exact commitment. The number 1 stalk also associated with many things that are easy and simple in doing. Also Still, one lucky bamboo stalk is also not very so popular and if you want to prevails the truth that you need to bring home with 1 lucky bamboo stalk now.

  • 2 lucky Bamboo stalks are also for the symbols love:

Also according to the Chinese culture number, keeping the two is lucky then they think that are generally for everything comes in pair in your life and also two lucky bamboo stalks are the symbols of Love, prosperity and some people that also calls it double lucky moment for them.

The 2 lucky Bamboo stalks are normally exchanged between lovers and couples, on wedding you can also presents to them it may represents as a broadly love.

• 3 lucky Bamboo stalks helps in enriches the happiness:

The Number 3 in stalks are also believed that it also enriches great happiness and wealth and also wishes for the new beginning in their life, also its normally when gifted on the Birthday celebrations or new year gift it can be a new gift or a great gift.

It is also basically brings 3 kinds of great luck that are namely true Happiness, great wealth, and a long life

• 5 Bamboo stalks helps in gets the good health from all the 5 sides:

By keeping 5 stalks of lucky bamboo can bring the overall energy to attracted for 5 stalks is good health in your life, which also needs to be benefitted from more and many areas also from these 5 stalks of lucky bamboo of your life. It may help to be in a healthy career and healthy life.

This can also help to be in any area of these five stalks of lucky bamboo. Some Emotional, some intuitive, some mental, and physical, spiritual energies are also attracted in your life

• 6 Bamboo stalks helps in attracts the prosperity:

Keeping the stalks six in number of lucky bamboo also attracts the prosperity. Number six in Chinese culture sounds like you are very close to luck and also brings to you prosperity and some advantages to also achieve the greater wealth.

• 7 Bamboo stalks also brings more and more love in your healthy relationship:-

Stalks of lucky bamboo in 7 are always considered as the lucky number on the 7days or a week. Also like 7 colours in the rainbow. Also Placing the 7 lucky Bamboo stalks in your home can also bring more romance and healthy love to your relationship.

Also the 7 stalks of lucky bamboo indicates the togetherness with each other. And if you are on a joint venturing company, business or on a project work and a group work, these 7 lucky bamboo stalks helps in doing a great job in your life.

• 8 Bamboo stalks also represents the great wealth and prosperity:

Keeping the lucky bamboo stalks with Number 8 also represents great wealth, joy in the Asian countries as they experience, the belief in them is so common that in china the business magnets are also trying to incorporate the number 8 in their address, their mobile number, their floor number and also even in their business names.

The Number eight is also known for the growing fast and extremely thrive to get things done completely. It is also helpful in fertility.

• 9 Bamboo stalks also gives great luck and fortune:

On keeping the 9 lucky bamboo stalks that may symbolize the good luck and those whoever has 9 stalks in their houses will have a great luck in there life. In the Asian countries, keeping the 9 stalks of lucky bamboo is a number which is also known as God’s number. It helps you to bring a good fortune in every arena and steps of your life

• 10 Bamboo stalks also gives all the possible and wealthy things to you that you ask

The 10 lucky bamboo stalks also represents the completion of every possible things you ask for. Also if you are willing to have 10 lucky bamboo stalks at your home then you must hope that your life is complete enough and perfect as you want. The sender that is sending happiness also wants you to have all the possible and complete things that you may expect from your life and future

The other important number of stalks and their meanings are as follows

With 21 Stalks: By keeping These 21 lucky bamboo stalks this represents the good representation of harmony and some success in the department of good health, healthy wealth, great happiness, healthy relationships, wealthy prosperity, and good fortune in your life.

With 88 Stalks: The 88 Stalks of lucky bamboo also signifies getting the doubling of joy in your life

With 99 Stalks: These 99 stalks also represents the doubling of joy and happiness on a long time in relationships and business purposes

With 289 Stalks: : By bringing or putting 289 stalks in your place, you must also feel the luck or find the luck or good fortune that will come in your way easily and gives you prosperity.

With 888 Stalks: If you are keeping 888 stalks in your place you must also wish to be around three times wealthier than before, and also brings happiness and fortune by keeping these 888 stalks of lucky bamboo.

There are also some of the hidden meanings of the lucky bamboo stalks:-

• Lucky Bamboo when grown Towers:

For getting a brighter future than anyone else, lucky bamboo has a tower of Lucky Bamboo plant that would be great lucky benefit to you. Also, if you are wanting to light up your upcoming life and future, you must bring a lucky bamboo tower at your home.

• Some of the Braided Lucky Bamboo plants can also have hidden benefits:

You must also keep a braided lucky plant stalks that have seen as a braided sculptural that have an arrangements of lucky bamboo plants. The stalks of lucky bamboo plants that are double braided these lucky bamboo stalks that would bring good news to your life and also would attract new developments in your life, your business and you professional ventures.

• Some of the Woven Trellis of Lucky Bamboo stalks:

This woven trellis are the one which helps in eliminating or deleting the flow of some negative energies from your life.

Conclusion Lucky Bamboo stalks

Conclusion about how many stalks you must put at your home to get lucky:-

When reading about the lucky bamboo plant ,It is truly said that there is no or never been a
shortcut to hard work or success.

But when you see that your hard work is not being recognized or considered also or not
getting enough appreciation and greatness, then there is something that is going wrong

Also, then you must have a proper balance between the positive energies that can help you
and also this is all what you need.

While Placing the lucky bamboo plant inside your place or home and the office would must
only see that you must prosper and also brings many positive thoughts in your mind

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