Lucky Bamboo care is easy to care for. That’s one of the reasons these plants are so popular! They are novelty plants sold in many sizes and forms which also adds to their appeal.

Lucky Bamboo gets taller as the stems grow, not by the stalk growing. If you prune the cane by half, then the height of your plant will be reduced by at least half.

Lucky Bamboo naturally grows straight. It’s trained by the growers (mostly in China) into all the interesting shapes and forms.

I cut the stems off as close to the canes as I could. My trusty Felco pruners were cleaned and sharpened to make precise cuts and also to lessen the chance of infection.

I stuck it in water & 2 weeks later roots were showing. So yes, you can root the stems. This 1 was cut fresh with the stalk by the way.

 LUCKY BAMBOO handle pruning very well and often times need it to control their leggy growth.

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