How many bamboo Stalks are lucky for you?

On keeping one stalk of Lucky bamboo in your place and also with one stalk this represents the truth or exact commitment.

1 Bamboo Stalk

Two lucky bamboo stalks are the symbols of Love, prosperity and some people that also calls it double lucky moment for them.

2 Bamboo stalks

Number 3 in stalks enriches great happiness and wealth and also wishes for the new beginning in their life

3 Bamboo stalks

keeping 5 stalks of lucky bamboo can bring the overall energy to attracted for 5 stalks is good health in your life

5 Bamboo stalks

Keeping the stalks six in number of lucky bamboo also attracts the prosperity.

6 Bamboo stalks

Placing the 7 lucky Bamboo stalks in your home can also bring more romance and healthy love to your relationship.

7 Bamboo stalks

7 Bamboo stalks

Keeping the lucky bamboo stalks with Number 8 also represents great wealth, joy in the Asian countries

8 Bamboo stalks

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