How To Care Lucky Bamboo In Soil?

This is actually very common and it isn’t completely necessary to plant lucky bamboo in soil. These plants have the potential to do quite nicely in just the water so long as you’re caring for them properly.

The process of taking care of lucky bamboo plants in the soil won’t be difficult, but at least you know that you have the option of just putting it in water if you’d prefer to go that route.

There might even be some advantages to placing lucky bamboo plants in soil. If you’re working with a larger lucky bamboo plant, then it will have more support and be able to grow easier if it is placed in soil.

A lucky bamboo plant is going to do best when you place it in well-drained potting soil that is also rich in nutrients.

Choosing your pot carefully is another important recommendation when planting lucky bamboo plants in soil.

You should try to be careful when watering your lucky bamboo plant. Even though this is a hardy plant that is tough to kill, it’s still possible to harm the plant by using bad water.

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