Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest plant to care, lucky bamboo is a symbol of prosperity, it is herbaceous perennial and is a popular houseplant that is easy to cure is a beautiful plant that will gives your house plant better collection, it is not a plant but is a type of grass.

Botanical name:Dracaena Sanderiana
Temperature range:18-35 degree centigrade
Hardiness zone:10-11
Soil:well drained soil
Soil PH:acidic
Sun requirement:moderate sunlight
Origin:in south east asia

Lucky Bamboo helps to keep the environment clean as it is natural air purifier.
Lucky bamboo plant is known for bringing good luck and good prosperity to the household.
Lucky bamboo can survive for about a decade if given direct sunlight and pure water is given.
Lucky bamboo is the plant that attracts good health for the entire family when placed in the east direction. It attracts money direction.


Planting lucky bamboo

If you have bigger or more established lucky bamboo plant, then you should have to plant lucky bamboo in soil, lucky bamboo can grow successfully In soil, but it will require some special care. You have to chose suitable pot with drainage holes to prevent your plant’s roots from becoming waterlogged.

You have to add a layer of gravel at the base of your pot to aid drainage and this will act as anchor. You can then plant the root end of your lucky bamboo in soil. Lucky bamboo plants thrive In a damp environment, so you should make sure that you are keeping the soil moist but not soggy, use filtered or distilled water to prevent fluoride from damaging your plant. Make it always sure that the pot can drain excess water, you have to ensure that Roots of your lucky bamboo will stay healthy.

STEPS Setting up and choosing your plant

if the leaves or stems are yellow or brown, it means that plant is unhealthy.

Plant should be kept in a pot grow up to 3 feet high. If it is grown in soil it may reach height up to 5 feet.

If you want to grow lucky bamboo in soil, then well drained, rich potting soil is needs to stay moist but it will not be soaked all time. Use always organic fertilizer when needed,

If you want to grow lucky bamboo,You must use right container, a container should be at least 1 foot in height, fill the pot with most of the rich soil and make sure it can drain well.

Chose the right place to put the pot, lucky bamboo do best in bright, filtered sunlight, direct sunlight will harm the leaves, and also plant will be harmed if the temperature is low, this plant prefer the temperature between 65 degree Fahrenheit and 90 degree Fahrenheit If you want that the plant should not be curled then use a three sided box


Keep on eye that lucky bamboo will get enough light, too little light is better then too much.
Water the plant carefully, if you are growing plant in soil, water it just enough that soil is moist but not soggy. Plant can dry rot if the soil is too wet. You can also spray the leaves with water to keep it moist not humid

Fertilize your plant every month, if you are using soil, use organic fertilizer every month so the plant gets enough nutrients, make sure that plant should not be need much fertilizer, so make sure that you have to dilute the fertilizer to one tenth of its strength.

Prevent tip burn: tip burn started when leaves start to become dry and dead. This happens when there are chemicals in water. Once it gets tip burn, it may be hard to get rid of, even if you do switch water, some chemical may reside in the plant.

Trim the plant: during growing time most of these plant become top heavy, because of this trimming it is very important for it to stay healthy, you have not to cut the stalk which Is main, use sterile Snippers to do it.

You have to trim them off within an inch or two Pay attention to the color of the leaves: if the leaves are yellowing, that is often result of too much sunlight or too much fertilizer, if they are becoming brown means are is more humid by spraying the plant water.

If the plant is dying, you may have to cutoff it. You have to cut the plant off and replant it.
Common pests: lucky bamboo is susceptible to same insect problem. They are mealy bugs, aphides, mites. So you have to use mild liquid dish soap and water and rinse thoroughly to remove bugs.


Although lucky bamboo is an easy going plant, but there are some issues with lucky bamboo, the problem with it is quality of water used to grow.

Browning leaf tips: chlorinated water or water with high level of additives can cause leafs to turn brown, this possibly kill the plant overtime. You have to remove affected leaves with sterile, sharp seasor, remove dead leaves from water.

Black roots: if the plant develops the black root, it can be from many reason, the best remedy is to use a small snips to cut the black roots

Yellow leaves: it is indicating that plant is receiving too much sun or too much fertilizer.
Brown leaves: it usually indicate dry air or polluted water, you have to raise humidity level by spraying the plant regularly.

So here we discuss about some tips and steps about your lucky bamboo growing, as I mentioned above that lucky bamboo is very prosperous and lucky to have, if we plant them then we can have good prosperous life. So all above steps are necessary to caring for plants, so this article will be helpful for any businessman and household who want to plant it for his Prosperous life and business.



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