how to clean algae from lucky bamboo?

The lucky bamboo plant enjoys indirect light, and once it has found its perfect comfort spot in your home, it will reward you with healthy growth.

When this easy-to-care-for plant has been placed in a clear glass container, as is common given its curious and appealing root system, it may suddenly become obvious that something is amiss.

A greenish, yellow growth, known as algae, may gradually begin to invade what was once a clear vase filled with stones.

Follow these steps monthly and you will be able to avoid algae becoming a problem. With practice, you will find this is an easy, environment-friendly, and cost-friendly way to care for your lucky bamboo.

Gently remove the plant, shaking off any stones which may be attached to the roots. This is a delicate, exotic plant and must be treated accordingly.

 Rinse and tenderly massage the roots in fresh, cool water before placing the plant in a glass of room temperature water.

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