How to cut and dry bamboo Sticks?

Bamboo is a remarkable plant. It's an evergreen that grows fast--extremely fast. Some of the larger types of bamboo shoot up by over a yard a day.

The range of bamboo plant shapes and sizes is enormous. Some bamboo are smaller than your thumb, while others grow more than 100 feet tall and 8 inches in diameter.

The canes are termed culms. They are usually green, but some are black and others striped, giving them more ornamental value in landscaping and also craft use.

When you decide to harvest bamboo for garden use or craft projects, your first step is to select likely culms.

It's best to choose those that are mature--at least 5 years old. Unless you have unique requirements, pick the larger, straighter canes.

Curing bamboo is simply a process of drying it. You can use heat to accomplish this, but unless you have experience and an acetylene torch, it's easier and safer to air cure the canes.

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