How To Grow Black Bamboo Indoor?

Black Bamboos look very beautiful and gives aesthetic look in pots and containers. They are great for adding structure and movement to your planter displays.

Black bamboo can easily be grown in containers, which is a perfect choice for those with smaller yards or who want to keep it inside.

When choosing a container, try to find one that is short, wide, and bottom-heavy.

Adding rocks to the bottom of the container can help with this. Because bamboo grows to be so tall, a lighter, taller pot can easily get blown over.

Since black bamboo is a running bamboo and a rapid grower, it may outgrow its pot quicker than other species. You will need to repot once your bamboo is root-bound.

Potted bamboo will need more water than plants in the ground, so be sure to keep tabs on your soil moisture. Place your pot in a sunny, wind-sheltered area and enjoy it's striking looks and green foliage.

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