How to Take Care of Lucky Bamboo in Water?

Taking care of lucky bamboo that's growing in water is relatively easy with adequate sunlight, warm temperatures and plenty of water.

Many lucky bamboo plants grown in water come in clear containers. Algae tends to grow more inside clear containers, which requires a little extra work to clean.

The container should be large and deep enough to allow your lucky bamboo's roots to grow well and remain submerged in water.

Lucky bamboo plants like bright light, but they don't like to be in direct sunlight. Place it close to a window to get bright, indirect light for most of the day.

The best water to use for your lucky bamboo plant is distilled or filtered, especially if your tap water is highly chlorinated, or you have hard water with lots of minerals.

When you use tap water, the salt and chemicals, especially chlorine, can damage bamboo plants. You might notice the leaf tips burning brown from the chemicals.

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