What Is Lucky bamboo soft stalk?

Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest houseplants to maintain. It requires less care than your average houseplant.

However, as it is a living thing, it is not completely without its problems. In fact, there are several very common problems that occur due to simple mistakes in care.

If you have a new lucky bamboo plant whose leaves are yellowing with your first water change, it could be that your water has too much chlorine or fluorine in it.

Yellowing Leaves

Thinning, spindly stalks are often the result of too little light. Move your lucky bamboo plant closer to a natural light source, while making sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.

Thin, Spindly Stalk

Unfortunately a soft stalk, or a yellow or brown stalk, indicates that your plant is already dead.

Soft Stalk or Leaf Damage

There are many reasons why your bamboo could have died. It could have already had a fungus or bacteria problem when you purchased it.

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