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Bamboo Placement : We all know somehow or the other inside everyone there is a feeling that everyone wants money, happiness, luck in their lives. It is not wrong to have some tricky ideas in your lives if you do something is better than nothing.

Bamboo Placement

a. There are several places where we can place these lucky plants in your place.


The ideal and the best location to place your lucky bamboo plant, as per according to the Hindu dharma, is east corner of your home or any area.

Also, The south-east direction is a very favourite and the best one for the lucky bamboo plant.

b. Also, regarding your family – The East direction represents for the family for good health.

The Best and the Lucky Placement for Lucky Bamboo Plant according to Hindu Dharma :-

Like anything else you can do in Chinese culture, the placement of the lucky bamboo plant is very crucial to be placed. This is very crucial because, if this plant is placed correctly, then the lucky bamboo plant can really work better and also means it helps to bring million tons and tons of positive energy in your house and place around you.

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Being said that this is the lucky plant, here are main two areas which are best where you can locate or place the lucky bamboo plant they are explained under:

The lucky East direction: When the lucky bamboo is placed in the East direction, this lucky plant helps in attracting the awesome and better health for your family members.

The South-East direction : The south east direction is the area of money & wealth that brings these in your life. Also, a lucky bamboo plant will also helps in strengthen the financial & health bring in more money in to the family members.

Also more on the wealth attraction in Hindu Dharma and Chinese culture to attract money in your life.

Make the Right Placement of Lucky Bamboo Plant


This lucky plant is also represented by the Chinese culture for the greatness in bringing health, wealth, and prosperity in your lives. It also requires very minimum care and also must be placed in the best direction which is the southeast corner of the bedroom. The lucky bamboo plants that have ten stalks brings prosperity, good luck and wealth in your life.


The Lucky bamboo plant also known as lucky plant is very well believed that it is used to create the positive energy and safety around you also for the house owners and marital purposes.

The lucky bamboo plant also attracts good health for you and your entire family also when it is placed in the east direction according to Hindu dharma. It also attracts the money and wealth when it is kept in the southeast direction according to Hindu Shastra.


Yes, we want peace in our financial zone, while keeping these bamboo plants at your home it is believed that these plants brings to you a peaceful energy.

Lucky bamboo also represents the flexibility, reliability, peace and freedom in your life and also therefore, people prefer this plant to keep the lucky bamboo in the office areas as the environment, in that zone gives positivity in that area.

The lucky bamboo plant placed by the perfect arrangement also that it also represents the five elements most important things of earth , the mixture of a whole universe makes it one thing.

Bamboo Plant care

Well something is better than nothing, so you also have to take care of the lucky bamboo plant in your home if you are bringing that plant in your home it is not a tough job to do you just have to be little serious about it.

These plants are not very painful to care but these plants only need very less care just little care but you need to make sure that you must do a few things about this plant and avoiding others specially
that you have besides this plant.

We all know that every one loves money, happiness in their life but little efforts makes you gain it. All you have to do is to just avoid carelessness while taking care of bamboo plants in your home or office means be little patent about this plant if you want comfort in your life.

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Interesting Facts about Lucky Bamboo Plant

• Lucky Bamboo is one of the most lucky plant on this earth which is originated from the (southeast Asia).

• This lucky plant has been used form over (5,000 years) from the various practices of Chinese culture.

• The Lucky Bamboo plant is also said to bring various things in your life like (health, love, and luck) to who ever gains it.

• The lucky bamboo leaves can grow upto atleast one inch per month but also you have to care as much as you can seriously.

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